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WATER;  Gallon of water per person per day - more in hot weather

FOOD:  Approximately 2,000 calories of nutrition per person per day

FIRST AID:  A complete kit to treat scrapes as well as more serious injuries

PRESCRIPTIONS:  7 day supply of your family's prescription medications

DOLLARS:  Several hundred in small denominations

GLASSES:  Spare prescription eye glasses, sun glasses and safety glasses

FUEL:  Enough to run a generator for 7 days or travel a minimum of 200 miles

TOOL KIT: Tools to dig out, turn on/off, remove, repair and build

BASIC MATERIALS:  Tarps, duct tape, plastic bags & zipper bags, foil, firewood, matches, lighters, batteries, toilet paper, paper towels

PAPERS:  Copies of passports, insurance policies, birth certificates, account numbers, telephone numbers - local & regional

KIDS: Diapers, formula, games, music, necessities

PETS:  Food, prescriptions, photographs in case lost, kennel carrier

PERSONAL: Toiletries, hygiene supplies, phone chargers, photos

SUPPLIES: Use our BugOutFAST CHECKLIST for supplies to build your kit.