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BugOutFAST Emergency Preparedness Guide


Maybe it won't be a natural disaster on a grand scale. It might be a flat tire in a snow storm or a surprise change in the weather at the kid's soccer game. Either way, by putting together a small, light-weight pack, loaded with the essentials for an emergency you'll be ready for a big disaster or the small ones that occur all the time.

We recommend that you have a bugout pack in your car, at your office and anywhere else away from home where you spend a fair amount of time. Use our geneal checklist (GENERAL EMERGENCY KIT ITEMS) combined with items from out BugOutFAST CHECKLIST. Fill your pack with items you would need if stranded in your car or at your office for several days. Consider what shoes or clothing you typically wear at work and also remember to include a supply of any medications you would normally take at home.


In the event of a large scale disaster, you and your family will be on your own for some period of time. We recommend creating a home emergency kit that provides a minimum of 3 days self-sufficiency. Depending on where you live, your needs will vary, but if you start with the general list (GENERAL EMERGENCY KIT ITEMS) plus the BugOutFAST CHECKLIST, that should cover the most important items you'll need.


Realize that your family may not be at home or even together when the emergency occurs.  Have a family plan for the most likely scenarios plus a worst case scenario.

  • Choose a pre-arranged local meeting place
  • Have all family members memorize the telephone number of an out-of-state contact. Often it's easier to get a line out of state than to call within the state experiencing an emergency.
  • Know evacuation routes for home and office.