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What Our Customers Say About Us

Wow! I'm super impressed. I ordered the Moose Country XL 0° Sleeping Bag. It arrived today, and I couldn't be happier with it. The quality is excellent, your delivery was spot-on, and the price simply CANNOT be beat. I just wanted to thank you, and tell you how very pleased I am with EVERY aspect of my experience with your fine company. I've been a camper since childhood, and now I'll be a loyal customer of CampingMaxx. Again, I thank you for such a superb online shopping experience. All the best to you.
My Fondest Regards,
D. Hanchon

Wow. Y'all have impressed me. I got what I ordered, it was what was promised, it was sent fast, it was sent at a real shipping cost and it was packed well. This was a better experience than 99% of all companies I have dealt with. I am still amazed. Thanks. - Chris

Hey Shulman Family.
First let me thank you quickly sending me the authentic NATO Jerry Can. I love how you over communicate and send a lot of information over to your customers.
Really great to have shipping and the tracking information ASAP, but even better when you guys have TOP NOTCH customer service. You guys are very personable and I feel good about supporting your business.
Its really nice to see your entire family involved in this business and I love supporting LEGIT family businesses that have superior customer service with awesome products.
I was truly impressed with the packaging and all the information that came inside the box. That prompted me to research your shop more and learned about your family business.
Totally stoked to support you guys and I will shop way more from your website and Amazon storefront. I go to REI a lot but they are just way too overpriced. Awesome community though.
I usually dont trust 3rd party sellers on Amazon because they mostly suck, but you guys are the exception. Threw my skepticism away. Nice work.
Thank you again and I will see you around. - Hayashi

This is for Jerry and all the fine employees of Campingmaxx. In this day of outsourcing our products, I can say with pride that I have done business with this company. No matter where the product was made, it is the pride I see in your backing of those products with its sale that will keep me, my seven children, twenty three grandchildren and all our Friends returning for your products. Please keep up the good work. There are fewer and fewer people like you out there

Thanks again. Joe J. Bona

My daughter (11 years old) purchased the High Peak Pacific Crest 3. She received the package today and set it up! She is awaiting to sleep out in with a friend tomorrow (less chance of thunder storms). She loves it. Thank you for your speedy service and personal touch! We are pleased with your service and recommend you to all our scouting friends!

Thanks, Juli Guertin

I just received the Red Jerry Cans and Red Spout today. These things are awesome! The cans and spout were packed very well and you shipped them extremely quickly. I am recommending your site to all of my friends and family. I am very pleased with your professionalism and attention to detail. I wish all of you the best.

Thank You, Raymond L. Heim

I don't know what we would have done without those lightweight tents. We talked about them, and they turned out to be perfect for our needs, a self supported bike camping trip through Cape cod and back to NY through Rhode Island, Block Island, and Montauk. The lightweight stove, a less unique item , also came in handy. but most importantly, the tents. I have not seen such economical yet useful tents on the market anywhere. i was able to haul them with no problem, and set-up was simple as you promised.

My son is 14, and this may have been my last chance to spend time on a trip like this with just him. I believe that the trip created an interest in bike camping and hopefully in the future he will go with kids his own age and enjoy that. Also....not to be confusing, but at the end of our trip, my husband met us and we switched kids, I took my 12 year old son on the final (much easier) leg of the journey. Again, we used the tents and stove....this time without a 14 year old Life Scout still went great.

The tents stood up to some wet nights and camping right behind some dunes that did not block the ocean spray. I am sure they will be used for some future Scout backpacking trips too.

Thanks so much for a great product and service!

Sincerely, Heidi Chadwick

Great service! I ordered this on a Sunday afternoon and got an email that evening saying my order was shipping! I had chosen the 3-5 day shipping option, however, I got my package on Tues. CampingMaxx is a family owned/operated company and I would ABSOLUTELY use them again.

The tent arrived before the promised delivery and I look forward to using it in the near future. It appears to be well made and everything I need for 4 season Rocky Mountain camping.

What a wonderful business man from CampingMaxx! I needed a piece of camping gear and I was concerned that it would not arrive in time so I left an email for the company. I got a phone call, very shortly after the email was sent, from the business owner explaining that he would jump in his car and get to the post office ASAP, so the gear would arrive (as per purchased). I was so happy and this is a great company to support. It feels good to purchase camping goods from solid people! And the camping trip was a hit!

CampingMaxx is an excellent seller!! Amazing and delightful customer service. I would highly recommend this seller, my item arrived on time and was well packaged.