35 Must-Have Stocking Stuffers for Your Camper

on Nov 20, 2014 in Camping and Camp Gear | 0 comments

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Many of you have called to ask about stocking stuffers, so, here is my response: Of course, a stocking stuffer MUST be fun and entertaining, but these small items have become fairly expensive. It is difficult for me to comprehend spending $10 on one of several items just for it to be left behind with the trash.

Another component is that I do not like to stuff a stocking with items which are themed exclusively for Christmas and then thrown in a drawer to never be seen again. I have been asked what the best item I ever received as a stocking stuffer, and my response is my pocket knife, given to me almost 40 years ago.

With the above consideration, I recommend an assortment of relatively inexpensive items which will be used throughout the entire year, but, also, items which will last many years and be remembered well into the future.

Since my specialty is survival, camping, emergency preparedness, and outdoor adventure, I have compiled a list of affordable and memorable items which make the perfect stocking stuffer for any camper on your list.

Stocking Stuffers:

p-38 Can Opener- $0.50

Glow Stick- $1.00

Knife Sharpening Stone- $1.00

Compass- $1.50

Camp Soap 4 oz- $2.00

Lip Aid- $2.00

Waterproof Matches (4 boxes)- $3.00

Emergency Blanket- $3.00

5 in 1 Survival Tool- $3.50

American Flag Shoulder Patch- $3.50

Backpacking Chow Set- $4.00

Emergency Sleeping Bag- $4.00

Wilderness Whistle- $4.00

Campfire Extendable Fork- $5.00

Sierra Cup- $5.00

1/2 Watt Headlamp- $5.00

Sun Screen Gel- $5.00

BSA Official Knot Book- $5.00

Magnesium Fire Starter- $5.00

14″ Gold Pan- $5.00

Camping/Emergency Mirror- $5.00

Mosquito Head Net- $5.00

Paracord Bracelet- $5.00

Wrist Rocket- $5.00

Paracord – 50 foot- $6.00

Mess Kit- $7.00

Hobo Knife- $8.00

Fish Filet Knife- $8.00

Scout 16 Function Award Knife- $8.00

Multi-Tool 14 in 1- $8.00

Mini Folding Trowal- $8.00

Tube Tent- $8.00

Asst Daypacks- $10.00

Paracord – 100 foot- $10.00

American Frontiersman Magazine- $10.00

We will have many specials between now and Christmas in all price ranges. Please check our web site daily for suggestions and our Deal of the Day Specials.


Jerry, The Gear Guy

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